15 Instagram Poses We’re So Tired of Seeing

Once upon a time, Instagram was a novel place where you could log in and get lost in all the beautiful and original images popping up on your feed. Then one day, it crossed that indefinable social threshold where suddenly everyone jumped on board. We all started posting regularly and began to take our amateur photography pretty seriously. This wasn’t just sharing photos as we did on Facebook, after all. We were using filters! No, this was next level — this was art.

A strange thing happened, though, on our way to discovering self-expression through this artistic medium. As we began to truly hone our Instagram craft, we hearted a lot of favorite photos and thought, “Maybe I should try looking contemplatively out my window at my next hotel check-in too…” Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Soon enough, we were forming squad pyramids and taking aerial shots of spray-tanned legs. Our photos have never looked better. But maybe it’s time to mix things up and experiment with some new ideas (sorry, heart hands, we’re over you). If you’re itching to set yourself apart on Instagram too, scroll through for some of the most cliché poses you might want to think twice about.

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