36 Galaxy Tattoos That Are Out of This World

Rainbows are still super popular in the beauty world thanks to multicolored hair and rainbow highlighters, but not even they can compete with the galaxy trend, which extends far beyond beauty. It started with galaxy hair and makeup, and has expanded to include everything from fashion to food. (Galaxy macarons, anyone?) It is also a popular tattoo style.

Constellation tats are as popular as flower tattoos, but the latest twist on galaxy ink is something different. The look takes the bold blues, pinks and purples that made us obsessed with the galaxy trend in the first place and produces tattoos that are out of this world. And the galaxy tattoos don’t need to feature any other space references to achieve the amazing effect.

Anything can get a galaxy makeover, from characters to cartoons to cats. It’s another reason that has made the ethereal ink so popular. Add the fact that they look good on almost any part of your body and you can see why galaxy tattoos are as popular as all of the other galaxy trends. Scroll through the gallery above to see some extraordinary tattoos that highlight the trend.