15 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

Home decor may not be as seasonally driven as ready-to-wear, but trends do come and go. Ubiquitous touches that were once considered stylish — think chevron and taxidermy — are now totally outdated. We want 2017 to be the year your living space really is a home sweet home, so we reached out to leading interior design experts and asked them to single out all the 2017 home decor trends that you need to know about. Read on for their picks.

Affordable art from MichelleArmas art on Etsy

Affordable art; Image: MichelleArmas, Etsy

Art Within Reach

“More and more resources are making real art more affordable than ever thanks to the handcrafted movement made popular thanks to sites like Etsy. People are looking for original artist-made works of art to hang on their walls,” says HGTV digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch.

Gem Tones and Warm Metals

“Gem tones will be big this year,” says Karen Asprea, director of Whitehall Interiors. “Pops of rich gem tones can brighten a space and make it feel luxurious and thoughtful. Warm metals are also big for 2017, so forget about stainless steel and brushed aluminum.”

Wellness Touches

“Wellness is a state of mind, but is promoted by the energy of our surroundings,” says holistic interior designer Clodagh. “Luxury and wellness go hand in hand, more so than ever in 2017. Feng shui and an emphasis on natural light will be at the core of design. You’ll be seeing more unique wellness amenities, like infrared saunas and state-of-the-art fitness centers.”


“After Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as 2017’s Color of the Year, we knew it would be a major trend in home decor this year. In addition to being a color that symbolizes a connection to the outdoors and the promise of spring, green also represents our desire to break out of our digital, hyper-connected lives and connect more with nature,” explains Knobloch.

Showers Are the New Tubs

“A clawfoot tub or a copper soaker used to be the focal point in a dream bathroom. The shower is now taking center stage with lots of amenities (think showerheads, sprayers and sticks), floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the outdoors in and high-tech touches for a custom experience,” says Knobloch.

Luxurious Finishes

“Opt for polished nickel instead of polished chrome. It’s warmer and feels more luxurious,” says Asprea, who also recommends opting for levers instead of traditional round doorknobs. “Using rose gold or brass is a plus.”

Buster + Punch bulb

Image: Buster + Punch


“2017 will continue to focus on ‘Instagram-worthy’ home decor elements,” according to HGTV Cousins Undercover stars Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri. Among their favorites is Nanoleaf Aurora, a modular LED panel lighting system that you can customize to display color-changing patterns or mimic candlelight. “It’s such a cool design piece and easy to use and you can control it through an app on your phone,” says Colaneri, who also singles out Buster + Punch Heavy Metal Matt Black pendants with Buster Bulb. “Great lighting is essential and can really make or break a room. Buster + Punch makes sleek, sexy lighting.”

Tech Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

“Case in point: eero,” says Carrino. “Tech is no good if it can’t connect. Eero is the best home Wi-Fi I’ve ever used and it’s well-designed, so I don’t mind seeing it on a bookshelf or other well-placed location for connectivity. Tech doesn’t need to be ugly.”

Semi-Separate Kitchens

“Unlike the extremely open layout trend of recent years, I like the movement toward partially separate kitchens that aren’t the main focal point, but still allow those in the kitchen to mingle with guests when entertaining,” says Clodagh.


“Designers are striving to pull people off of their blue-lit screens through incorporating interesting textures into decor that are not only appealing to the eye, but also pleasant to the touch. Texture, sensuality and warmth play huge roles in my 2017 designs,” says Clodagh.

lived-in home decor

The lived-in look; Image: One Kings Lane

The Lived-in Look

“We all went Kondo on our belongings and now the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. Tired of austere minimalism, we’re all about layering textures, adding more pillows and making our beds a little sloppier. We want our rooms to look like someone’s home,” says Knobloch.

Smart Accessories

“Storage space is often limited, so I always recommend purchasing chic everyday items that can be kept on display,” says Asprea, who also recommends upgrading kitchen appliances. “More companies are being creative with their finish selections and sizing options. Whirlpool offers matte black and matte white appliances now!”


“Triangular shelves, hexagonal tables, round mirrors…the pieces we love are coming in more geometric shapes than ever before. Play with curves and angles!” exclaims Knobloch.

It’s All Connected

“As more and more devices in our homes connect to the internet and to each other, we’ll be able to control and monitor our homes from just about anywhere,” says Knobloch. “Connected devices will allow us to monitor our energy consumption and improve everything from our sleep patterns to our proficiency in the kitchen.” On that note, Carrino suggests the Nest Thermostat, Protect and Cam Indoor to start your smart home. “They all work together seamlessly and are a great foundation to start your smart home, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.”

Light as Art

“There’s a movement toward using light as art and there are really stunning lights being used to help cure SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) syndrome. Unique lighting can really tie a room together without adding an ounce of clutter. Combine up lights with down lights (up lights shining light upward, while down lights shine light downward) to balance the feng shui energy of your space,” suggests Clodagh.