12 Seriously Delicious Zoodle Recipes From Pinterest

The list of reasons to swap your regular white pasta for zoodles, aka spiralized noodles, is a long one. Not only will they cut your calorie and carb intake, they will up your protein and fiber levels while curbing noodle cravings. Remember, regular white flour pasta is nothing more than empty calories. Alternatives like wheat, lentil or chickpea-based pastas are only marginally more nutritious and may cause bloating.

While zoodles are most often zucchini-based, you can opt for carrots, rutabaga, celery, beets, sweet potatoes, summer squash, turnips and jicama as well, as they’re all high in vitamins. If you’re particularly carb-conscious, however, make sure to stick with nonstarchy veggies and ones that mimic the look of traditional pasta (we eat with our eyes, so this is key for curbing spaghetti cravings).

Unfortunately, you can easily ruin a great thing like zoodles by tossing them with fatty, calorie-dense sauces, so we’ve rounded up 12 of the best zoodle recipes that swap high-fat ingredients for delicious, filling and nutrient-dense ones. Note that using a spiralizer will make all of these recipes exceedingly easier to whip up. (Paderno is considered the leader in the space, but you can buy a five-blade spiralizer for around $20.)

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12 Seriously Delicious Zoodle Recipes From Pinterest