Interior Designer Lisa Adams on How to Create a Kardashian-Worthy Closet

Lisa Adams, CEO of LA Closet Design and founder of lifestyle blog CLOSETPHILE.

Lisa Adams, CEO of LA Closet Design and founder of lifestyle blog CLOSETPHILE; Image: Courtesy

Spring’s inaugural cleaning period has officially arrived. It’s inevitable, it’s overwhelming and we don’t mean to closet-shame but … When you open the doors to the would-be temple that contains your jeans, shirts, shoes and other such building blocks of your existence, are you met with chaos? Are your hangers and dresser drawers in the midst of a civil war with their constituents?

Organizing one’s closet is a cleansing, powerful process. There’s a particular joy that comes from treating your belongings with the respect they deserve. Maybe we’ve watched Toy Story one too many times, but we can’t help but think of our garments as anthropomorphic beings — ones who get annoyed with us when we don’t allot them proper shelf space. (Totally rational.)

In all seriousness, though, a clean closet is just plain good for your sanity. An aesthetically pleasing one? Even better. Enter Lisa Adams. Lisa is the CEO of LA Closet Design and founder of lifestyle blog CLOSETPHILE. As such, she masterminds the sorts of closets our clothes dream of occupying.

Lisa’s mission in life is to reinvent closets into spaces that are highly functional, über organized and utterly beautiful. And she’s damn good at what she does. Her celebrity-speckled roster includes Khloé Kardashian, Monique Lhuillier and Giuliana Rancic, to name just a few. (And who among us has not given over precious minutes of our lives to Keeping Up with the Kardashians specifically to drool over Khloé’s closet?)

Ahead, Lisa shares eight organizing tips for those who aspire to Kardashian-level closet greatness. (Even if you aren’t one for mirrored doors, go on and browse some closet porn.)

Images: Courtesy of LA Closet Design

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