Can’t Sleep? These Foods Can Help

No matter how many layers of skin care products we put on our faces or how skillful we are at concealing dark circles, there’s no denying it — for great skin, we need enough sleep. And for all of us who lead busy lives, “enough” probably means two to three hours or that short nap you took on your lunch break. But lack of sack time doesn’t only affect our skin. Sleep deprivation can also be dangerous as it puts you at risk of acquiring diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes. Plus, driving while tired is found to be similar to driving while drunk.

Did this keep you awake? Getting enough rest isn’t impossible. Apart from sleep aids and stretching before bedtime, read on for six foods that help you sleep better. Pro tip: Remember to always eat two to three hours before drifting off to dreamland because catching some zzzs immediately after eating can lead to digestion problems.

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