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Fashion Industry Insider: Sruli Recht, Designer

Reykjavik-based designer Sruli Recht designs some of the most intricately crafted luxury market shoes. Each pair is fashioned from carefully chosen obscure materials to create eye-catching statement pieces that are truly works of art.

Q:  Was there ever a point in your life when you were struggling in your career where you had the opportunity to do another job that was more stabile and safe, but you decided to stick with your passion? What made you stay with it?
A:  Yes and no.  I worked in a law firm and sold security systems before I studied design.  Safety has never held an allure for me, and I think I need the risk.  There have been options to go into other companies and stay in the back room to be the invisible puppeteer of the operation, but I learned from those experiences that if I wasn’t happy I would basically destruct and leave within three months.  So, happiness has made me stay with it – or at least the pursuit of happiness.
Q:  Was there a defining moment when you knew this career is what you had to do with your life?
A:  Around 18, when the last thing I was thinking about before falling asleep and the first thing I thought about when I waking up was pattern cutting.  Don’t avoid what you want to do; it’s bad for you.
Q:  Was there a time in your life where you felt like you accomplished what you have sought out to succeed? When was it, and how has this changed your perspective on your future career goals?
A:  That isn’t easy to answer.  Sometimes I feel like I’m succeeding, and other times it feels like I am right back where I started, but setting the goal to release one product a month really helped focus the direction of the studio, and put me on the path of constant work flow and output.