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Fashion Editors As New Fragrance Stars?

How many fragrances does the average person own? Considering the amount of new perfume launches that have taken place these past few years, you’d think hundreds.

Every day we get word of new scents, backed by the likes of Bruce Willis and Jennifer Aniston, not to mention the countless brands that are constantly coming out with new scents, or repackaging their existing ones in limited edition iterations.

The rumor that Lady Gaga will be coming out with her own fragrance may have proven to be false, but now comes word that Vogue Nippon’s much photographed fashion director at large, Anna Dello Russo, will get her own fragrance.

Who knew that Russo’s influence reached so far beyond the world of those of us who are fashion obsessed?

The always-dressed-to-kill fashion editor confirmed that she is planning to launch her own fragrance, which we can expect to hit counters at the end of this year.

"Ronnie defined me as an insider reality fashion star, and so I thought, now is the time to do a fragrance," Russo remarked in Milan, when asked how art director Ronnie Cooke Newhouse came to give her the idea. 

While the notion that fashion editors will replace celebrities when it comes to attaching their name to a fragrance still seems very far off, I’d buy a fragrance backed by Russo over one from Katy Perry any day.

And yes, it was just announced that Katy Perry will be getting her own fragrance, called Purr by Katy Perry.

This will launch at Nordstrom in November.

Surprisingly, it won’t smell like bubble gum.