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Lori Goldstein, Stylist: A tFS Exclusive Interview

Rachel Zoe may be the name that pops to mind when it comes to celebrity styling, but in the fashion world, there are few stylists as sought after as Lori Goldstein.

Always ahead of her peers, Goldstein has worked with photographers like Steven Meisel and Annie Leibowitz, as well as with a slew of designers including Vera Wang, Donatella Versace, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera and BCBG.

Recently, the fashion influencer has turned some of her attention to designing with the release of her new line, Logo Instant Chic. 

The line includes accessories, tees, cotton tunics, and more, and everything retails for under $100.

We spoke to Goldstein about why she got into designing, her most memorable styling experiences, what she considers to be fashion essentials, and more…

The Fashion Spot: Do you ever hange anything about your styling approach, based on which photographer is shooting a given project?

Lori Goldstein: Of course.  Each project is completely different. Is it fashion? Is it advertising? Is it a portrait? There are always meetings in advance to discuss what we want to achieve. That’s why I love freelance – the diversity.
tFS: What is it like working with Annie Leibovitz? Steven Meisel?
LG: I learned a great deal working with Annie when I was first starting out. She had just left Rolling Stone, and in a sense, was just starting out too in the advertising and commercial world. I was always all about the love of fashion. I learned about the photography – how to build a picture, and have clothes be secondary to the picture. Annie was a great collaborator, and it made me realize in the end how much I wanted to create fashion pictures.  
I have no words for Steven. I love him personally and professionally. He is truly the most talented photographer I have ever worked with, or anyone has ever worked with for that matter! He is such a visionary. He loves fashion and the models, and knows how to compose an incredible picture. No one has ever inspired me or pushed me to my boundaries to do incredible work like he has, AND HE MAKES ME LAUGH.

tFS: Was there ever a point in your journey to the top where you thought of calling it quits? If so, what made you persist?
LG: There was never a time I wanted to call it quits. This is in my blood. Definitely, there were times that were challenging, and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go.
My career has always been about change and exploring, and not getting bored or labeled.
I always have faith that I will be guided to the right place… so far, so good.
tFS:  If you could name one, what would be your most memorable work experience?
LG: The one that comes to mind, hands down, is collaborating with Steven again.
I had gone to Allure for 5 years, which was wonderful – freedom from advertising at the time, working with the great Polly Mellon, but when Donatella Versace called me and asked me to work with her after Gianni died, Steven and I started collaborating again on the Versace campaigns inspired by my love for Jacqueline Suzanne. 
And from there came the years of Italian Vogue.  That, by far, is MY most important work.
tFS: What essentials do you always carry around in your tool kit?
LG: I always say, if I could only have three things, it would be my big safety pins, my small clamps we found in Europe that are like gold to me, and scissors.
I have become a master pinner! But we schlep around this enormous prop kit of everything and nothing, and I always wonder why! Double stick tape is a must, as are thongs, and chicken cutlets, and bras…
tFS: What made you decide to partner with QVC?
LG: Partnering with QVC was a no-brainer for me. I am a Midwest girl at heart, and love women of all shapes, and have never been influenced by how much and what people have.
I want all women to have the joy and excitement that comes from having great, stylish pieces available to them.
tFS: If you could name 5 things that every woman should have in her closet, what would they be?
LG: Jeans, underpinnings to layer with, a fab handbag, great flat/heel and a great boot. Last, but not least, confidence. Try and play, and have fun with clothes in your closet, please!
tFS: What are your favorite trends for Spring/Summer 2010?
LG: I’m SO not a trendy person. More is more for me, no matter what the magazines say. I have my style, and will never be minimalist.  But I do love the army green and military trend. That’s my style, so its nice that there are great choices out there now, at all price points. I love them all!
And I love summer jewels. Swarovski does these great easy little bracelets called ‘choc a block’ with crystals, and I love our Logo Instant Chic Summer Jewels – so fun.
tFS: Are there any up-and-coming brands you’ve used in recent shoots that we should have our eye on?
LG: There are so many up and coming brands/designers. I would have to make a long list, but by looking at any of my shoots, you will always find great new/young designers. I’m always blown away by what people are doing.
My website, which is coming soon, will have a continual list of all new jewelers and designers that inspire me every day.