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Araks S/S 2011

Araks Yeramyan’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection was heavy on concept but not quite fully formed in terms of retail value. It’s as though the vision was solid, but got lost in translation when it came to wearable clothes.

This collection, though conceptually and visually interesting, did not contain a wide range of garments that most American women would want in their wardrobes.

How many women would be comfortable wearing a very sheer dress made of such lightweight fabric that undergarments are visible?

Maybe her years as a lingerie designer seeped in a little too much in this outing. Even with another garment layered underneath, the outfits are certainly not anything that would make you stand up and take notice. 

But maybe eye-popping fashion is not what Araks was going for in this collection.

Inspired by photographs of early 20th century Dutch farmers, Yeramyan Araks’ collection had an androgynous quality that worked in spurts, but seldom enhanced the feminine silhouette. Her most successful and commercial garment was a beautiful silk khaki, two-button blazer with matching silk khaki linen trousers.

Concept is necessary for any good collection, but at the end of the day, people have to buy what you are selling.