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Dylan Lauren Talks Candy, Marriage, and FNO: A tFS Interview

Cathy Horyn may not be excited about Fashion's Night Out, but the recently wed CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar and daughter of Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren, sure is. The sweet tooth entrepreneur has teamed up with Rockport for the occasion and has asked seventeen RISD students to design candy versions of Rockport’s Janae Pump for women and Day 2 Night Wingtip for men, utilizing some of the 7,000 candies found at Dylan’s Candy Bar. The designs are being showcased in the windows of Dylan's Candy Bar’s New York City flagship now through the end of September, and the winner will be chosen on September 8 during Fashion’s Night Out. We spoke to Lauren about the partnership, candy, her wedding dress, and more.

The Fashion Spot: FNO has been a bit controversial since Cathy Horyn openly said she thought it "has lost its purpose." As a retailer, what do you see as its purpose?

Dylan Lauren: I think it invigorates the energy in NYC, makes people excited to be back in the city, gets retailers prepared and on their toes to show their collections to an even larger audience after a long summer, and gets people from all parts of Manhattan and outside who may not normally shop in your area to come and come back after FNO.

tFS: How did the partnership with Rockport come about?

DL: Dylan's Candy Bar is all about merging fashion, art, and pop culture with candy. Last year was our first year featuring students' designs in our NYC store and this was when Rockport approached us about creating a new program focused on shoes designed by students at RISD. We felt it was a perfect fit.

tFS: Do you wear shoes from the brand on a regular basis? What is your favorite style?

DL: I would wear the candy ones created for FNO for sure!

tFS: Is there any candy you're really hoping the designers use?

DL: Starlite mints and mini whirly pops have great colorful swirls, and gumballs are glossy and very pop art so that would be fun to see.

tFS: You were recently married, any tips for brides-to-be? What are some must-haves they should make sure to have on hand?

DL: Mints for good breath but not gum, which can cause bloating. I also recommend shimmery eye shadow to put on lips because gloss will come off fast and you won't have a pocket to carry lip gloss. A change of shoes is also key, as the same heel can start to hurt and you want to be able to stand tall and be comfortable throughout the night.

tFS: How involved were you in the design process of your dress?

DL: I was very involved because not only was this the most important outfit I'd ever wear, it was the most special masterpiece my dad, Ralph Lauren, has ever created, and I wanted us both to feel proud. I created a huge file of tear sheets of inspiration from my dad's past runway show photos, fashion magazines, and bride magazines (especially Martha Stewart Weddings). I showed my dad and his design team aspects of dresses I loved from which they put together sketches. I then picked my favorite. I had many fittings with my dad and his design team to ensure all the lines and details were perfect. The wedding gown was a glorious and stunning creation of love and art.

tFS: You always look young and refreshed in photographs. What's your beauty regimen like?

DL: I find moisturizer to be crucial especially in the summer/fall when air conditioning can dry out skin. I love the sheen and moisturization of Body Shop's Vitamin E Body Butter for body and face. I also exercise aerobically and with weights because that makes me toned, refreshed, energized, and feeling radiant from the inside out.

tFS: You must constantly be surrounded by a ton of sweets. How do you control your sweet tooth? 

DL: I try to eat a healthy meal with protein before I go to work and that way I'm full and can have candy for dessert without spiking my blood sugar level too much. I do have sweets for dessert and snacks in moderation (like our 100 calorie bar) because if I totally cut it out, I would end up splurging the next time.