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Betsey Johnson Spring 2012 Runway Review

After taking in Carolina Herrera (who knew it was her style?) Nicki Minaj took her place front row at Betsey Johnson where, warm weather on her mind, the designer had her models walking out with trompe l’oeil hosiery thanks to fake seams drawn onto the backs of their legs with eyeliner. Needless to say, models decked out in side-swept ultra glam platinum curls and bright pink lipstick took to the runway in a parade of Minaj-worthy ensembles.

Sky-high, laced-up platform shoes, chunky metallic jewelry, sheer black bra-and-panty-revealing dresses, bright metallic leggings, and flouncy off-the-shoulder cropped tops had many of the models looking as though they were getting ready for bed in their naughtiest confections. More demure floral printed looks made their way out as well – well, demure were it not for the fact that they were cut to be bra exposing (and no inconspicuous bras at that – it was all about the leopard and hot, hot pink undergarments).

Bustier tops and dresses were another running theme as was leopard print on everything from sliced-arm rompers to wide-leg pants. Stripes, a Johnson signature, and skull and bone prints, most which came fashioned in the teeniest of separates, were also featured. Then, of course, there was the requisite series of full-on sequin looks complete with bedazzled hats and shoes.

The show ended in Victoria Secret-style with a model taking off her jacket to reveal a sparkling bra worn with a glimmering mini. Johnson then took her bow by doing her signature gymnastics on the runway and danced around with her daughter. The models took their final walk toting balloons and cone-bra printed black cropped tops paired with black underwear.

These looks, for the most part, will surely be edited quite a bit before they hit retail shops. Until then, they made for a lively show that was nothing if not good-natured, lighthearted, and fun to watch.