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PPQ Spring 2012 Runway Review

For its 10th anniversary collection, PPQ attempted to return to its roots. Inspired by the 90s days from whence they came, they showed a collection filled with pastels, spray on denim, a result of a collaboration with Lee Jeans, and bold prints. Designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker noted that they wanted to return to where they came from and condense the brand. In spite of at least three collaborations used in this show alone, the pair said that they are looking to scale back their partnerships with other brands. The best collaboration in this collection was one with luxury hosiery brand Bebaroque who produced tights, knee-highs, and thigh high stockings embellished with intricate gold details.

While there was really no cohesive message to the collection, as looks ranged from on-trend pajamas to logo emblazoned denim and Zorro masks, show goers seemed pleased with the offering. With just a handful of stockists worldwide, it begs the question, who really wears PPQ? Each fashion week it’s a big draw, as the show is notoriously oversubscribed, but the label then goes forgotten for the rest of the year. Perhaps in the next ten years the brand will finally find its commercial grove.