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Jaeger London Spring 2012 Runway Review

When it was started in the 1880s by Lewis Tomalin, in accordance with Dr. Gustav Jaeger’s teachings, Jaeger London’s clothing were based around the principle that animal fibers (over plant fibers) led to a better well-being. The brand has come a long way since its early days and after weathering many ups and downs has now settled into its place as a contemporary-priced brand that appeals to women looking for staples that will take them from morning to eve. To that end this season, inspired by Mustique in the late Sixties and designed by Stuart Stockdale, included a slew of monochrome separates and dresses, along with stripes, easy prints, and some of touches of sheer fabrics that made for a few more fashion-forward looks.

Fashioned into clean, mod-like silhouettes, many of the looks came finished with dainty touches including scalloped edges, geometric cut-outs, and undulating oversized collars for an approachable, commercial collection.