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So Pinteresting: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It's mid-December if you can believe it. Chanukah is over, Christmas is around the corner, and the supposed "End of the World" is but hours away. The craziness of decorating and buying (or asking for) gifts has quieted down. Now's the time to relax and appreciate the beauty of the season. Whether or not it's already snowing where you are, winter is the time for the white fluffy stuff. Lucky for us snow nerds, Pinners are feeling the winter love like we are. Want to immerse yourself in pix of the fluff blanketing an old shed? Got you covered. Need to see a waterfall that's been winterized with snow and ice? You got it. Think icicles are gorgeous? We do, too. Grab the hot cocoa and the nearest blanket and gear up for a quiet, calming romp through winter's best—no travel (or even leaving the house!) required. And we're keeping mum this week because no commentary's needed for this slideshow of lovely.