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It’s always interesting to see how fashion houses who have build their empire on the image of living the good life react to the state of the economy we’re in now. Many thus far this season have opted for bold choices – neon hues, over-sized shoulders, and cut-outs just to name a few of the dominant trends.  

As for Gucci, the Frida Giannini-designed collection was inspired by internationally renowned model and 80’s fashion icon Tina Chow and “a glittering, glamorous time, when going out was a way of life,” so basically Giannini did not stray far from Gucci’s roots.  

Many of the aforementioned trends were on display, spiced-up with a hearty dose of sparkle and leather. The palette was overwhelmingly dark, with most look having a tough – though certainly nightclub-appropriate – feel to them, especially given that most every model walked out in sternly geometric sunglasses and crimson lips, and thigh-high boots abounded.  

Leggings and skinny pants were also repeatedly shown in suede, leather or patent further hitting home that both have become part wardrobe staples these past seasons. That said, I’m always more interested to look at the shoes, handbags, sunglasses and the other accessories at the Gucci shows because those are really the brand’s bread and butter.  

This season Giannini did not disappoint with abundance of covetable leather and snakeskin handbag options, and high-platform, high heeled black and gray pumps and boots, some of which were finished with a front cut-out detail.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.