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tFs caught-up with kapow wow designer Mia Morikawa to see how the designer got her start creating her intricately handcrafted neckwear, where exactly her label’s name came from, and more… 

Q: How did your line come about?

A: I sort of stumbled into it. I was half heartedly studying graphic design – didn’t have a clue about what I wanted to do with my life and was occasionally making accessories for myself and friends. More and more friends started making orders and so from there I developed the confidence to turn semi pro and started selling in local boutiques. 

Q: Where did the name kapow wow stem from?

A: Well, I knew straight away that I wasn’t going name my label ‘Mia Morikawa’ because I though that would somehow be weird in the same way that talking about yourself in the third person is. I mean, I might have done that if I had the fortune of being born with a really chic name like Coco Chanel or Yves St. Laurent, but I didn’t, so that was out of the question. When naming a personal project you want to come up with something appropriate and original…KAPOW WOW is sort of comic book onomatopoeia. I thought it would be a relevant name for high impact party wear. 


Q: What was the first piece you designed ?

A: A white ruffled neckpiece for myself. 

Q: How would describe your line?

A: Handcrafted neckwear made with lots of love! 

Q: How would you describe your clientele?

A: Warriors of beauty! 

Q: How do you pick the materials that you are going to work with?

A: With tender loving care. 

Q: What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

A: Ruffles and various other textile construction techniques mixed with flea market buttons/charms in a medallion form fitted on a gold chain. Granny bling in the house!  

Q: Any suggestions for aspiring designers?

A: If you make something you love, other people will love it too!