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Vanessa Bruno’s collections usually have an easy breezy feel to them. This season, however, there was a darker, more urban, outdoorsy feel to her collection.


Heavy on black fabrics the designer did a wonderful job mixing and layering various fabrics and textures. The result still had Bruno signature Parisian cool, but with more of a wild side tint (especially given the abundance of leather and her use of feathers). 

Black aside, Bruno’s devoted followers will delight at the hearty dose of autumn colored looks that included silk blouses and tops, dresses, and coats in dark yellow, green and burgundy.  

Bruno’s pieces always have wonderful movement and each and every one of her looks were wholly wearable.  

It seems that so many times designers are accused of not bringing anything new or fresh to the table, so I applaud Bruno for successfully digging beyond her comfort zone and delivering such a bracing collection. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.