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The latest Undercover menswear collection is on par with the womenswear collection for a change – and not only on par, but  also cohesive with one another.   This colletion contains man-friendly versions of some of the best pieces from the womenswear collection, which is fabulous… particularly because my boyfriend and I are geeks and like to dress similarly.

There are still notable differences between the collections, of course. For instance, this one has a more standard look book style for the presentation. The shattered glass is lovely, and I love it on the backdrop as the shards appear to be suspended. Also, despite the extreme cohesion with the womenswear, this collection also contains prominent elements all it’s own such as the pieces paying homage to one of the greatest bands of all time, Joy Division.

It goes without saying that the outerwear is fantastic… but it’s fantastic for so many reasons. Usually Undercover’s menswear stuff has a more outdoors-y, backwoods feel, but this season there is a broad range of outerwear, from modest to more flamboyant, and it all looks delicious. The capes are divine and I love that the designer has done the gradients for men as well. It’s also great how he’s created a ton of functional jackets, and in addition, a bunch of more formally cut ones.

Undercover is definitely one of my favorites when it comes to cutting a blazer – for both the men’s and women’s lines – and this collection has a ton of lovely ones. The detailing on them is also pretty breathtaking if you’re into that sort of thing… lots of contrasting panels and unusual fabric combinations. Aside from the blazers, there are a ton of other stand out pieces as well, such as gradient knit hoodies (!).

The accessories are amazing but not much different from the women’s. I was glad to see gloves here – particularly the long ones because that is so hot for a guy. The backpacks are really nice, but then, the bags are always unconditionally amazing so that’s no surprise. The range of footwear styles shown is also impressive.