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Zac Posen has just wrapped up an exacting three day trip to Houston. The trip began on April 20th at the home of Zac Posen’s friend, Becca Cason Thrash, when the socialite hosted a “Glamour Girls, Night Out” event for a group of 60 socialites before they headed to Cafe Annie.
The next day, Gracie Cavanar, a socialite and supporter of the Grand Opera, hosted a pre-benefit dinner in Zac Posen’s honor at her home. Posen’s date was Houston socialite Lynn Wyatt, and she wore a Posen white suit with a back slit.  


To cap off the trip, Posen staged a fall runway show during a luncheon at the Zaza hotel. The runway presentation was followed by a champagne reception and a shopping event at a pop-up Saks Fifth Avenue boutique at the Zaza hotel.
It’s not really a surprise given the number of socialites in attendance, but Posen noted that they were able to sell numerous special-order pieces from the show.  Items included the Pamela Love for Zac Posen jewelry, encrusted stockings, and gowns. The event raised over $100,000 for the Houston Grand Opera.  
Posen summed up his trip by saying that Houston was incredible, and that he enjoyed seeing how the women "make designer clothing and my clothing come to life, and how they create whole outfits out of it….and finding the place in America where there is true sophistication and connoisseurs of Zac Posen.” 
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.