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It’s strange what tricks your mind can play when the question of “need” versus “want” rears its ugly head.  “Need”, after all, is such a relative term.  Realistically we need food, shelter, companionship, and a few other necessities.  Logically, what we don’t “need” is Natalia Brilli’s leather matchbook cover embossed with matches.  However it’s something that, at least personally, I desperately want.  A fact that, given my status as a confirmed non-smoker, is distinctly puzzling. 


In an attempt to rationalize this urge I tried to think of ways in which it could be deemed useful: 
  1. If I ever go camping (unlikely though that may be) I’ll know exactly where my matches are when it comes time to build a fire.
  2. I’d be able to impress friends and random acquaintances when I lit their cigarettes (if smoking wasn’t banned in the majority of restaurants and bars). 
  3. Thanks to this cover, I’d be the most fashionable arsonist on my block.
All of which means that, sadly, this is one instance where I am unable to transform a “want” into a “need”.  The matchbook cover remains what it is; a functional item made strangely useless by a combination of luxuriousness material and exorbitant price tag.  Form, without function.