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The whole team wore white or black leather strap sandals with a combination look that pulled from and deconstructed tuxedo details with stark lines and exacting shoulders.

Outside in the showroom, a group of fashion reporters idly waited like the parents and siblings at convocation.  Many of them have seen the ceremonies (really just a formality) before.  But most are excited to see what this year will bring.

Of course, the boys are equally as excited to get the show over with, but there is that one moment when the music starts and everyone is in line and everything is combed and clipped and styled.  This is it.  A smile grows on the faces of the preppy Korean designer’s blue-blooded models.

They begin their strut, one by one in a perfectly orchestrated couture-meets-street-showdown.


A series of black, grey and navy wool jumpsuits dominate the line with suitpant details in the curtailed bottoms.  Each was not only styled but un-styled. Models wore seemingly nothing under the boardroom-inspired jumpsuit, and their belt loops remained vacant. 

The next group included Harem-inspired knee-pants jumpsuits with simple pocked leather belts, and all subsequent looks seemed inspired by the General Idea boys’ after-school attire.


 The music was an appropriate Moog synthesizer take on the Clockwork Orange atmosphere that permeated the show.

One of the most successful groups in the show was a simple line of graphic knit pullovers in black, white and finally pink.  Each one had a digital knit kaleidoscope print that was at once cheeky and smart looking.

That first hint of pink garnered an uptick in the music that changed the timbre of the show, but kept it in the same key.  A white graphic tee with pink sleeves strutted out from back as if he were a fed-up student who declared Thursday "uniform-optional day."

His classmates followed in kind soon after until the whole team reassembled in an array of matching beige cotton jumpsuits with specific trench coat details.

 After the ceremonies, their headmaster, designer Bumsuk Choi, looked on with pride at the class of 2010.

Photos by Angus Smythe.