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The shoes! I can’t get over the shoes! While a few designers opted to have their models walk the runway in flats – notably Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe –  Alexander McQueen had his models walking out in the most fabulously sky-high platform pumps that were specifically matched to McQueen’s individually engineered prints.



Like Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh (both of whom have undoubtedly been inspired by McQueen), and John Galliano, Alexander McQueen is an artist as much as he is a fashion designer. His flair for wearable art and theatrics comes through season after season.



There was something very insect-like about a number of the pieces the English designer showed this season especially in the green-patterned pieces with cocoon like shapes, protruding oversized shoulders, oversized wave-like geometric collars, and skirts with scale-like embellishments.

While the pieces taken individually were truly an exquisite artistic expression – and I’m betting that daring women all over the world will be clamoring to wear a number of the short dresses shown – the show felt somewhat redundant despite the fact that each piece’s print was an original.

It almost pains me in fact to complain about redundancy because there is clearly such an extreme degree of craftsmanship and thought behind every piece that walked the runway, but the looks did feel somewhat one-note.

What will the woman who loves McQueen, but does not want to wear a patterned outfit wear?


Not many choices besides a slew of mostly monochromatic, futuristic-looking black ensembles.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.