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On December 1st, this year’s World Aid Day, Crusaid’s Think. Talk. Act. Give campaign will be taking place with plenty of star power behind it. Among the high-profile fashion industry folks involved is renowned British designer (and 2006 winner of the British Fashion Designer of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards), Giles Deacon.

The designer made a special Eek mascot T-shirt for the campaign (the Eek mascot first debut at Deacon’s Fall/Winter 2007 runway show and has since made a slew of recurring appearances), which are for sale on the charity’s website. The Giles Eek T-shirt, which has the Eek “protected himself using spikes to open the discussion about the spread of AIDS worldwide” retails at for £30 with all proceeds going to the charity.

Deacon told Vogue UK that he thinks that people “need to be reminded that HIV and AIDS haven’t gone away, and that it was not just an illness of the Eighties,” adding that “fashion is a form of self expression and always gets people talking. By getting Eek ‘protected’, I hope he can inspire many conversations around HIV and AIDS and really get people talking and thinking about this illness.  It affects everyone.”