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There are various issues that you can run into when you shop online.  The sizing can be off, the color drastically different from what appeared on your computer screen, and sometimes even coordinating your schedule with that of the UPS delivery driver can be fraught with difficulty.  A recent flying visit to my favorite online store, however, highlighted a new problem.  Clicking through for additional information on what, at first, appeared to be affordable basics in cotton and sweatshirt fabrics (a simple thing that can be frustratingly hard to find) I realized that what I had been coveting was designed for the seven years old and under set.  Essentially, I was lusting over (admittedly rather chic) kindergarten wear from Danish label, Popupshop.

Their pieces are, in their own words, timeless, classic, and easy to wear; “a year-round line of basic got-to-have garments” which retail anywhere from $28 for a pair of leopard print tights to $58 for a dress or sweatshirt.  Now, if only I could find a magic wand to rescale their designs to fit my five foot eleven inch frame…