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Though countless influencers – including Emanuel Ungaro himself – have voiced their disapproval for Lindsay Lohan’s creative role at the French house, the starlet is hanging on to her title as artistic adviser, according to president and chief executive Mounir Moufarrige. Though Moufarrige told Reuters that the designs are selling well (but not as much as expected), it’s hard to believe that they are doing even remotely close to what had been planned, given that giants like Neiman Marcus and Net-a-Porter have not ordered from the collection.


Moufarrige, who has become a very controversial figure in the fashion industry ever since Esteban Cortazar’s departure, further remarked that he thought the criticism that the collection received was “harsh,” but added that he’s sure they can “do better in the collection” and that future Ungaro collections need to be “more tight, more identity driven.”

As for the CEO’s thoughts on what Ungaro had to say about the latest collection (he called it a “disaster”), he remarked – “Mr. Ungaro has his views, he can keep them. I have no comment.”

It’s a real shame, because the current creative director, Estrella Archs, is actually a very talented up-and-coming designer whose reputation has now likely been tainted by her association with Lohan. It’s hard to believe that Moufarrige is the same man that had the vision to replace Karl Lagerfeld with Stella McCartney back when he was at Chloe.