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It has to be faced that Christmas (once you get past the whole “goodwill to all men”, carols, and presents under the tree) is about stuffing yourself to the point where you start to bear an uncanny resemblance to the turkey working on its winter tan in your oven.  Once you accept this seasonal gluttony the trick is to track down food items that are luxurious and decadent, and therefore worth the post-nibbling remorse that will set in some time around January 2nd.

A perfect example of this comes to us this winter courtesy of French designer Alexis Mabille (best known for his bow ties and couture creations) and Parisian restaurant Angelina (best known for its hot chocolate and gateaux).  The fruit of their collaboration, a couture yule log, takes a center of creamy chestnuts, candied apple, and a confit of yuzu and lime, and entombs it in milk chocolate ganache, and pecans.  The exterior is then quilted (the quilting of Chanel bags and banquettes in expensive restaurants), studded with edible silver balls, and topped with one of Mabille’s signature bow ties.  The bûche is, as you might have guessed, limited edition and available from Angelina’s Rue du Rivoli tearoom from December 21-26.