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21 Questions with…Model and Internet Celebrity Cory Kennedy


We ask model and Internet celebrity, Cory Kennedy, our quickfire questions.

  1. I usually wake up at… 9-ish, but it depends on what I'm doing the night before — if I'm working till 4 a.m. I give myself some extra sleep unless I have something super early the next day.

  2. I would never leave my home without… literally everything. I am known as bag lady, if you need anything I will have it in my bag. But obviously a point and shoot film camera, phone and two moleskins, one for my schedule and one to make lists, etc.

  3. My beauty essentials include… Oribe hair lotion/conditioner, Dior Show Mascara, Marc Jacobs' original scent via roller ball, taupe eye shadow sets by Dior, oil sheets, Nars matte lip pencil, Laura Mercier concealer, Vitamin E.

  4. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… just about everything these days because it's cool to be fashionable and I still can't stand how celebrities can be named best dressed if they are literally wearing a dress, Louboutins and a clutch. They're supposed to wear the dress, not let the dress wear you. It drives me insane. There's hardly any error in fashion in the media's eye. PR agents and stylists won't let that happen.

  5. My guilty pleasure is… stationery, desserts and something from eBay now and then.

  6. My favorite travel snack is… dried mango, goji berries and sandwiches.

  7. The last thing I Googled was… rock climbing.

  8. If my days had one extra hour… I would work more.

  9. On a typical Saturday night I… am in watching Netflix with my cat.

  10. One luxury item I'm dying to splurge in is… a bag or a couch; these days a purse is more than a couch.

  11. The article of clothing I'm currently wearing most… on a regular getting groceries, doing errands kind of day, jeans a T-shirt, some Supra shoes, a black baseball hat, huge bag and some cool sunnies, though now it will be mittens and scarves.

  12. My biggest fashion regret is… None. I grew up in the public eye because of my style/personality, whether people loved or hated it. YOLO! If its a dud then you always have tomorrow to try again.

  13. When I'm stressed I… usually have to lay down, but I'm not always home so I just try and keep quiet, but until the thing I'm stressed about is done, I will not stop thinking about it.

  14. What I love most about New York City is… the energy, and the fact it's basically the center of the world in my opinion.

  15. I'd love to work with… more photographers because I learn a lot about lighting and nerdy 35mm film questions.

  16. The best advice I ever got… take one day at a time.

  17. The best gift I ever received was… a Montblanc fountain pen, Brahms edition.

  18. If I could meet anyone living or dead it would be… Lee Miller, Stanley Kubrik, Leonardo da Vinci, Helmut Newton, Louis CK, stop me…too many!

  19. When people call me an Internet celebrity I think… sure if you think that's the case, but I'm doing real things out in the real world.

  20. The most memorable photoshoot I ever did… just had one with Mick Rock for the cover of SHK.

  21. My favorite place to shop is… I don't shop anymore, really. Basically, I just sleep in a huge closet. There's no room for anything and I have the most difficult time getting rid of things because in two years I will be like, "That's the piece I need and know exactly where it is…"