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More and more designers are venturing online these days. Whether is be Ralph Lauren revving up their presence via online fashion shows and iPhone applications, or Alexander Wang and Matthew Williamson bringing their designs to the fingertips of men and women around the world, there are more and more reasons for us to stay reclusive in these cold winter months. Now Araks Yeramyan, the founder and designer of Araks, has launched an e-commerce component to her website. Given that the designer’s namesake brand began as a lingerie label, it’s little surprise that she has opted to start her online sales with her minimalist undergarments. Come spring, however, the designer’s ready to wear (launched in the fall of 2006) will follow.


When asked about the online venture, Arkas remarked that she wanted to gauge what the consumer really wanted and thought that this was the easiest way to do so.  I’m surprised there aren’t more contemporary designers using e-commerce. It seems that it’s a popular tool among mega-giant brands and smaller niche brands, but those middle of the road labels appear to largely avoid it. As Arkas noted it’s one of the best ways to see firsthand what the consumer is really responding well to and can work to the designer’s advantage when it comes to honing in on what their demographic wants for the upcoming seasons.

Hopefully more designer will follow suit in 2010 (and while they’re at it, maybe throw free shipping into the mix).