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One Minute With … Designer Nicole Miller



We caught up with NYFW regular Nicole Miller backstage before her Spring 2015 show and can’t stop talking about the gorgeous pints we saw at the show and that amazing YouTube video she introduced us to. 

theFashionSpot: Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this collection.

Nicole Miller: Well, I was inspired by a bit of nostalgia from a couple of trips to Rio and I was listening to the Peter Alan song “I Go To Rio” and the song brought up a lot of memories from those trips.

tFS:What about the color palette for the collection? 

NM: We used a lot of black and white which reminds me of the sidewalks and these colors serve as a backdrop to all the prints and color you’ll see.

tFS: Tell us about your favorite print or piece that was created for this show.

NM: My favorite print is at the end, we called it Broadwalk Fruitstripe which is actually the sidewalk and fruit mixed together.

tFS: You mentioned the Peter Allen song, can you tell us about the music for the show today?

NM: The finale song is actually amazing. It’s the Peter Allen song but it is sung by a French man. You have to look at the YouTube video—it’s hilarious—his name is Claude Francois

tFS: I’m going to check it out right after this! Any post-Fashion Week plans?

NM: I usually go water skiing or kite boarding, so I’ll be going to do that next weekend.

*Editor’s Note: The video for the French version of the song is just too good not to share. Enjoy!


images: Imaxtree

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