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One Minute With … Designer Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren

Designer Greg Lauren backstage at his Spring 2015 show; Image: Getty

It will come as no surprise that sartorial talent runs in the Lauren family. Greg Lauren, nephew of Ralph, has for quite a few years been building up his own fashion label. It toes the line between art and ready-to-wear. We first met Greg when he produced papier-mâché jackets (his debut) at an exhibit in New York. Included was an incredible straitjacket that blew our minds. Since then, he’s gone on to create unique outerwear that’s sold at Barneys.

Last night, he set the scene for travel. The show was staged in a safari tent, complete with rustic tables and canteens for water. The clothing — hooded dresses, jackets and coats, denim and army pants in neutral hues — was ideal for those traversing the world.

We spoke with Greg after the show about his latest collection and what inspired it.

Greg Lauren

Image: Getty

theFashionSpot: Your collection had a very nomadic traveler vibe to it.

Greg Lauren: Absolutely. Because for fall, I was totally exploring this nomadic concept. In my world, this is an artistic nomad. I think there is a universal obsession with the nomadic lifestyle. I want to sort of play with that.

tFS: Well, the world is getting smaller.

Greg Lauren

Image: Getty

GL: The world is getting smaller and people want things that say they’ve been someplace. And I love to play with that. I want things that look like we’ve been somewhere. To be honest, it’s about a whole world where there’s no past and no future. It’s about a destroyed elegance, it’s about an artistic nomadic spirit of people and fabrics coming together.

tFS: We love seeing your progression from the straitjackets to the army jackets to this. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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