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Nanette Lepore and Charlotte Ronson on Holiday Plans, Worst Gifts and More

JCPenney Just Got Jingled With Nanette Lepore, Charlotte Ronson and The Boys & Girls Club; Image: Getty

JCPenney Just Got Jingled with Nanette Lepore, Charlotte Ronson and the Boys & Girls Club; Image: Getty

On Tuesday evening, designers Charlotte Ronson and Nanette Lepore surprised 100 kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Queens with a “Just Got Jingled” shopping spree at JCPenney Herald Square. Before the designers were swarmed with excited munchkins tasked to shop for their families, we tag-teamed the duo for a quick holiday chat.

theFashionSpot: You’re about to be outnumbered with little ones. What were you guys like as kids?

Nanette Lepore: I was a little shy. I was awkward and liked sewing. But I also liked to stay out late with my girlfriends.

Charlotte Ronson: I was artsy and a little more outgoing, but for whatever reason, I got more shy later on. Going from a coed school to an all-girls school probably had something to do with that a little bit.

tFS: If Santa checked his list, would you be naughty or nice?

NL: It depends on who you ask. If my husband was buying, it would be a lump of coal.

CR: I think I’m always nice!

tFS: Who’s the best gift-giver in your family?

NL: My husband can be, and he can also be the worst. And my sister puts together fun treasure chests of vintage things she finds at antique stores in Ohio.

CR: My twin [Samantha Ronson]! She’s the most generous and thoughtful.

JCPenney Just Got Jingled With Charlotte Ronson and The Boys & Girls Club; Image: Getty

JCPenney Just Got Jingled With Charlotte Ronson and The Boys & Girls Club; Image: Getty

tFS: What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten?

NL: One year, my husband got me a big jewel that looked like it was straight out of Titanic. So, I have a giant, aquamarine pendant. 

tFS: What’s the worst gift?

CR: Samantha and I got these horrendous, matching ski jackets and these weird training bras one year when we were way too young and didn’t need them. We were mortified to take them out in front of our brothers.

tFS: What are the gifts you’re beelining for tonight during the shop-a-thon?

NL: I love our Mint Bouquet Flora sleeveless top; it’s fresh and cute for this time of year. And the holiday velvet dress is so sweet. My daughter, Violet, is wearing it right now. Everything bounces off Violet. She’s my main critic.

CR: The Fuzzy Ribbed Sweater did really great last year, so we offered it again this season — a little more boxy and cropped. The sequined trousers are always great. And I did a collaboration with my twin. We designed a sweatshirt with her dog Cadillac on it. It came out so well.

tFS: What are your holiday plans?

NL: We’re going to be with family in Ohio on Christmas and then we’re going to Jamaica for New Year’s. My daughter Violet is going to jump from a lot of high cliffs; I’m going to relax — and jump once!

CR: My stepfather is turning 70, so we’re going to all get together — maybe in Miami. 

tFS: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

NL: Throwing tinsel around for the tinsel dance. It happens around midnight at some of our parties. The music goes off and The Nutcracker comes on. Everyone waltzes and throws tinsel.

CR: Whenever we get together, it’s rare, depending on who’s in town for what. So, just being together and hanging out is the best. It’s not even about the gifts.