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Fashion Girls Can Now Communicate in Chanel Emoji

Image: Chanel

Image: Chanel

For all its faults, 2016 saw the introduction of gender- and race-progressive emojis. (Not to mention maniacally laughing face and green with nausea face — how did we ever virtually emote without them?) Like 2016, this year’s off to a dismal start, politically speaking. Emoji-wise, things are still going swell.

Case in point: This Tuesday, in celebration of its new Rouge Coco glosses, French fashion house Chanel released a set of pink-tinged, double-C branded emojis. The Chanel iMessage sticker bundle pack, while not as exciting as, say, a rocket launch, is pretty darn cute. Bleary-eyed fashion girls can now express their need for a haute (sorry) cup of coffee. They can wave aside an argument with a Chanel-branded white flag. The can even give the virtual gift of Chanel. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

Much like Kim Kardashian’s Kimojis or Iris Apfel’s INCmojis, the Chanel keyboard functions as its own separate language — it doesn’t merge with your standard iOS emoji selection. Still, it’s a free download and it’s Chanel. Need we say more? Welcome to logomania in the time of smartphones.

[ via i-D ]