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Gucci Made Hilarious, High-Fashion Memes and We’re Dying to Share Them

Post fashion month, we could feel our Gucci fatigue beginning to take hold. (Must everyone wear the exact same shirt?) Then, as if on cue, Gucci creative director and millennial whisperer Alessandro Michele goes and does something wonderful, and we’re reminded why everyone’s so darn obsessed with the brand.

In the days of the almighty internet, nothing spreads faster than a well-executed meme. (Meme: a word coined by British biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976 to mean an “imitated thing” or, in common parlance, an image or GIF with a witty caption splashed across it.) Thus, what better way to announce the launch of, say, a new Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection?

By that logic, Alessandro Michele commissioned several international artists to develop original, watch-infused imagery. He then tasked the internet’s “new class of viral creators” with turning those images into memes.

The resulting campaign, dubbed That Feeling When Gucci (#TFWGucci), spotlights the talents of meme-makers we all know and love, as well as those of dynamic artists we’d like to know better. As stated on Gucci’s website, “That Feeling When Gucci is about the moment of putting on one of the watches, when the world suddenly becomes different and time slows down a little bit.” Yes, it’s obvious Insta-bait. But it’s a fresh idea that elicits fresh laughter, and we are totally here for it.

Scroll down to see how Gucci fused the brilliance of @beigecardigan with the work of Qatar-based photographers Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir, plus more beyond awesome memes.

#TFWGucci The work of LA-based artist @amanda_charchian is characterized by her uniquely female-focused approach to the Surrealist tradition. With mysterious, witchy characters—think a crystal-incrusted spider sculpture that trembles in the wind, or a circle of ginger women linked together by their braided hair—they’re impossible to forget. It’s no wonder that her career spans both the fine art and commercial fashion world, and has included both gallery shows and editorial commissions for Vogue Italia. Her collaborative memes for #TFWGucci with the hilarious @textsfromyourexistentialist create a feminine duo: sensual, funny, and unapologetic, with an underlying darkness from the eponymous philosophy. – Text by @tatianaberg. Discover more through link in bio.

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