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Watch: Androgynous Model Rain Dove on Why Gender ‘Doesn’t Exist’

Intent on helping people accept and express their true selves, the mother-daughter duo behind StyleLikeU teamed up with Allure for a new video series entitled “Dispelling Beauty Myths.” In the videos, barrier-breaking influencers cross-examine some of society’s most recurrent — and problematic — preconceptions about beauty.

The latest installment features androgynous model Rain Dove, who breaks down the difference between gender and sex. Sex, as we all know, is assigned at birth. Gender, as it is typically regarded, is a social construct. “Gender doesn’t exist in my book,” Dove tells Allure. “Gender is a state of being.” It’s a product of “mannerisms, cultural teachings, what type of clothing you’re wearing, the way that you speak, the way that you hold yourself, the type of energy you feel in your body.”

Watch the full clip above. Dove’s eloquence, candor and insight will disarm you. Moreover, her explanation of how to use pronouns in an increasingly post-gender world feels incredibly resonant. (However you address people, do so with “respect and intent,” Dove explains.)

[ via Allure ]