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Watch: Fashion Legend Rankin Pokes Fun at the Industry in This Hilarious Mockumentary

Got a quarter of an hour to spare? Good. Legendary fashion photographer and editor Rankin just released his latest bit of content, a 13-minute fashion mockumentary entitled “La Chaise Ironique” — and it’s hilarious. It’s essentially two parts The Devil Wears Prada, one part The Office. In it, the controversy-stirring Brit plays an “amped-up” diva version of himself on the set of a Chanel-themed photo shoot for his biannual magazine Hunger. Faux Rankin wears sunglasses indoors, plays table tennis with a Chanel racket to “work out, you know, lose a bit of weight,” makes his assistant miserable, tells the would-be documentary makers of the horrors of “glam prison” and gives his poor model ridiculous prompts. That said, “La Chaise Ironique” isn’t completely frivolous satire. Rankin broaches issues like the fashion industry’s ageism and model mistreatment, albeit in a very light, surface way.

Watch the full clip above.

[ via Fashionista ]