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Watch: Barbie Ferreira Undresses, Talks About (Still) Getting Cut From Campaigns

StyleLikeU’s latest “What’s Underneath” interview subject is model and Instagram phenomenon Barbie Ferreira, known and loved for her beauty, charm and candor. Per usual, Ferreira uses her spotlight to vehemently condemn the fashion and beauty industries’ disappointing double standards.

In the clip, Ferreira relates an experience from the early days of her career: “The first brand I was really known for, umm, I got cut out of the campaign,” she reveals. “I find this video on the internet that they made of me. They released it on YouTube like when it came out and it had like 1,000 views. And I’m like OK cool. I’m going to post this on my Twitter and put it on my Instagram so that at least I have some content. There’s [sic] no pictures of me anywhere, there’s no in-store graphics, there’s no billboards, there’s nothing. So I’m like OK, and then it blows up. I still never got umm, in-store, billboard, anything. I actually didn’t even get paid for it from 2015.” Unfortunately, this was no isolated incident. To this day, Ferreira still gets excluded from campaigns, success and social media following notwithstanding. “I’ll do entire shoots with photographers that love me, stylists that love me, and I’ll get cut out of it [sic], because of the client,” she states.

For more of that patented Ferreira realness, watch the full clip above.