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This Lingerie Company’s Sizing Chart Features Compliments Instead of Numbers

London-based lingerie company Neon Moon “prides itself as a body-positive lingerie brand, revolutionizing the industry and spreading a message of acceptance and empowerment.” Its first order of business? Doing away with conventional clothing labels. The Neon Moon team knows that seeing numbered and lettered sizing labels can trigger that destructive internal monologue women have when buying and trying on clothes. (Not to mention the fact that many mainstream fashion labels don’t even adhere to standardized rules of sizing, so those confidence-crushing numbers are deceptive and ultimately meaningless.) Thus, the women of Neon Moon devised their own system using the following sizes: Lovely, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Fabulous, Stunning. See below.

Image: Courtesy of Neon Moon

Image: Courtesy of Neon Moon

“Most of the time people are reduced down to a mere number on a measuring tape, and at Neon Moon we recognize that so much pressure is placed on people to fit a certain size, a certain norm,” founder Hayat Rachi told Bustle. Forget worries of size fluctuation. Rachi wants you to “compliment yourself and say, ‘Hell yeah I’m a size beautiful!’ rather than judge yourself on whether you’ve gained or lost inches.”

On Neon Moon’s e-commerce site, the above sizing chart is prefaced by the following reminder: “Measuring your body is a mindful and body positive process. Your self-worth is not defined by any number on a measuring tape. You are beautiful whatever size you are.” The brand also advises shoppers to call in, rather than measure themselves, if they find the process “triggering.” It’s a revolutionary, ingenious system designed to uplift Neon Moon’s lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous and stunning customers. Let’s hope it catches on. The retail landscape is in desperate need of body-positive change.

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