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New York Fashion Week Is Losing Its Home Base

Gigi Hadid opens Jeremy Scott's Fall 2017 runway show at the Skylight Clarkson Square.

Gigi Hadid opens Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2017 runway show at the Skylight Clarkson Square; Image: Imaxtree

Come September, New York Fashion Week attendees will be treated to “a more succinct NYFW schedule.” However, beginning in 2018, they’ll be logging more mileage between venues. According to the CFDA, TriBeCa’s Skylight Clarkson Square will not play host to February’s Fall 2018 presentations. From that point forward, shows will be “decentralized,” housed at various penthouses, hotels, galleries, screening rooms and exhibition spaces throughout the city.

It seems the Skylight Clarkson Square, while “pretty affordable,” wasn’t quite worth the price tag. In the past, the designers who showed at the cavernous TriBeCa space were “heavily subsidized” by the CFDA. However, according to Mark Beckham, Vice President of Marketing for the organization, this wasn’t the best use of funds. Additionally, the venue is currently being reconfigured and the new floor plan will have one less room, reducing the number of potential slots available.

“The entire fashion week landscape is going through tremendous evolution and we want to be sensitive to the needs of the designers and be cost-effective,” Beckham told WWD. “So if a designer is creating an original film, perhaps they can look at a screening room. If they’re planning a casual presentation, maybe an amazing penthouse would be better.”

“The official venue of New York Fashion Week is New York City,” offered the ever-direct Steven Kolb, chief executive officer of the CFDA.

With many brands ex-patriating, heading to L.A. or bypassing the traditional runway system altogether, it makes sense that the CFDA would reassess its approach to NYFW. Editors, buyers, bloggers: Get those fashion sneakers ready.

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