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70 Haute Couture Dresses That Look Like They Stepped Out of Your Dream Wedding

We’ve established in haute couture seasons past that the Paris shows love to close with a bang in the form of an OTT wedding dress. But this go-round, one designer dared to open and close his presentation with extravagant bridal gowns. While not every collection featured a full-on bridal homage, most included several dream wedding dresses that are just begging for a walk down the aisle (preferably a slow one so everyone can have plenty of time to properly envy you).

Spring 2017 was rife with color, but Fall 2017 saw a return to traditional hues like crisp white and ivory. Save for Valentino, which opted to punctuate most of its white gowns with saturated shades of blue, red and pink. Black was an unexpected accent, but we’re kind of loving the idea of bringing a little gothic drama to nuptials. Sheer was also trending, so if you’re thinking of trying to cop one of these swanky pieces, prepare to get it lined.

Even if you can’t afford any of these #weddingdressgoals (because let’s face it, few can), you can take away some inspo for your big day. For truly aspirational wedding dresses, check out the slideshow above.

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