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Model Lindsey Wixson Retires from “This High Heel Business” Due to Foot Injury — and to Become a Potter

Gap-toothed, doll-faced angel Lindsey Wixon, who began her professional modeling career at the tender age of 15, is retiring at the similarly tender age of 23. Like Charlotte York before her, the runway legend is quitting her glamorous job in a highly competitive field in order to pursue pottery (and tend to her recent foot injury). It being 2017 and all, Wixon broke the news via an Instagram post captioned thusly:

“To all my fashion fans, I am sad to inform you that my injury has put me in a position to retire from this high heel business. I have an artistic side that wants to shine through. I feel that this disablility (sic) has come to me with a purpose. To show me that I must carry on. This industry has brought me so much and I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. Now more than ever I feel it is important to listen to my body and the changing times of this industry and peacefully try to move on. I ask for your support on my new endeavours (sic) with designing interiors, pottery, sculpting, carving, and inventing for the future.”

The Kansas native, who catapulted to fame back in 2009 after Steven Meisel spotted her in a video and handpicked her to star in a Vogue Italia shoot, recently suffered a linear tear on the tendon of her big toe, an injury aggravated by heel wearing. The “new endeavor” to which Wixson is referring is her pottery business, Wixson Design, which, per the brand’s Instagram photos, will sell cheerfully decorated ceramics.

from @wixsondesign Go follow for more on my new projects! #newbeginnings #newlife

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From my lessons with @micol.ceramics #moretocome #陶器 #도기류 #陶器

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@micol.ceramics showing me all the ins and outs. #ceramics

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While we’re all for Wixon pursuing her passion for artisanal mug-making, it seems unfair that an inability to wear heels should necessitate a career change — surely the model’s many loyal photog (Miesel, Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld) and designer (Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Versace) fans could simply put her in flats?

That said, we can think of far worse fates than retiring from professional modeling a 23-years-young millionaire.

[ via WWD ]