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Watch: Kristen Stewart Dances to Beyoncé in Chanel’s New Gabrielle Fragrance Campaign Video

Acclaimed actress and champion of DGAF fashion Kristen Stewart continues to build her extensive Chanel résumé. Now in her fourth year as Chanel ambassador, K Stew is the face of the brand’s “abstract floral” Gabrielle fragrance, its first new perfume in 15 years (that’s about one-sixth of the lifespan of the company’s 96-year-old fragrance business).

In a newly released campaign film lensed by Gone director Ringan Ledwidge, a pre-platinum buzz cut Stewart fights her way out of a gauzy cocoon, smashes through a hive of diamonds and emerges onto a breathtaking seascape. It’s a metaphor for the journey of Gabrielle Chanel, “a rebel at heart, [who] freed herself to become the woman she wanted to be.”

The soundtrack to all Stewart’s thrashing, dancing and punching is Beyoncé’s 2015 collaboration with Naughty Boy and Arrow Benjamin, “Runnin’.” While the choreography doesn’t quite rival queen Bey’s, Stewart’s streaming couture, acrobatic moves and raw energy are definitely a sight to be seen, and a huge step up from the yawny boy-meets-girl fragrance campaigns of yore.

Watch the short film below.

[ via Vogue UK ]