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Whether she’s showing at The Plaza, her showroom, or at the Altman Building, Betsey Johnson always does her own thing, and we’ve got to respect her for it. She knows her client base and she caters to their unique flare with an aura of pure entertainment. Sure, at times it was hard to focus on the clothes with so many distractions – and there were plenty of looks in the collection that were for pure show – but there was also a lot of wearable pieces that will no doubt make their way to the racks as they were on the runway.

Among the key looks were black and white stripped sweater dresses and cardigans (stripes, a Betsey signature, made numerous appearances, including on the designer herself), tiered flowered skirts and dresses, corsets in a variety of colors, along with some of Betsey’s signature dice and gun prints.  I really, really, REALLY hope the hen-shaped bucket bags that were shown make it into stores.


All fun aside, I have to give kudos to Betsey Johnson for paying homage to the late, great Alexander McQueen by having a model strut down the runway with a “Long Live McQueen” sign. I’m surprised more designers, especially those that have undoubtedly been influenced by him, aren’t paying respects.