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Given all the fur that has been making its way down the runway thus far this season, I was expecting to see a fur extravaganza at the Karl Lagerfeld-designed Fendi show. In fact, to love Fendi is to love their luscious furs (well, furs, and their exquisite trend-setting bags) – especially for anyone who caught the Sundance documentary that aired last year, The Day Before Fendi, in which viewers got a first-hand look at the brands in-house fur-making process. 


However, there wasn’t nearly as much fur as I had anticipated this season, with Lagerfeld focusing attention on more animal-friendly, but equally exquisite capes, coats, jackets, and separates. Fur did make a splash via a slew of droopy vests, a white flecked coat that was cinched at the waist, and some patchwork coats, but the slew of cocktail dresses and gowns – all done in black with sheer details – surprisingly lacked fur accents.


As a big Fendi fan, I’d be ready to wear nearly every look, as styled on the runway. The show was perfectly accessorized with what are sure to be the “it” bags and shoes of the upcoming fall season. Among the stand out accessories were ribbed booties with lace details on the top (decorative, not utilitarian), long chain necklaces with pinecone-like oversized charms, oval hard-shell clutches, slender twisted belts, and accordion-style day bags.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.