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Vivienne Westwood’s designs don’t fall into my personal aesthetic, and season after season I fail to understand the appeal of the designer show’s jumbled styling. This season wasn’t all that different. Each look shown on the runway had so much going on, it was almost hard to know where to look – that is, if you could even focus on the looks when the styling includes hugely over-sized dramatic red lips, dead man walking-like sunken, charcoal cat eyes, and some models walking out with crowns on their heads that looked like they were straight out of Where the Wild Things Are. 

Other models had moustaches drawn onto their faces which made them looks like monsters trapped in washed-out princess frocks (think too many ruffles, and off-the shoulder, heavy dresses).


An endless parade of clashing prints were shown with layering once again playing a key role in the collection this season. Westwood did show some eye-catching blanket coats, one of which said “sleeping” on it.  One has to wonder who exactly can (and would want to), pull off these loud, clashing colors.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.