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Recently opened in Soho is a little gem of a store known as Reborn Process, where vintage clothing is wonderfully reconstructed by a trio of innovative masterminds. Find out exactly who these three are, and how you can get your hands on some of their one-of-a-kind creations.

Q: I read on your site that there are three people that make up the Reborn Process creative team. Are you best friends or relatives, and how did you all decide to open up a shop together?

A:  We are just friends from Korea.  Aeri had this idea for a long time, and when she finally decided to launch the line, Hyoni joined in. Aeri and J. are long time partners from J&Y productions (a photo production that produces all of Vogue Korea and Teen Vogue Korea’s shoot in the U.S.)

Reborn Process creates restored and re-designed vintage clothing and one of a kind jewelry. Two designers, Aeri and Hyoni, travel around the country with J. to collect fine vintage items to be restored and remade in the work space in the shop in Soho, NYC. Aeri is a stylist, and Hyoni is the winner of the Ford Model’s Supermodel of the World 2007. Hyoni has done campaigns for DKNY, Lacoste, Benetton and more. J. is the director of Reborn Process, and is a photographer, videographer, and producer. Aeri, Hyoni, and J. – the creative team behind Reborn Process – have originated a unique and imaginative style for real fashionistas.

Q:  Are there any cities in particular that you consider goldmines for amazing vintage pieces?

A:  We love LA, we usually find beautiful (and in good condition) vintage items there. We go to flea markets and vintage stores to look for great pieces.

Q:  How much of your own handiwork is involved?  For example, what kinds of things do you do to "revamp" a garment?

A:  It ranges from just changing the buttons to resizing, and sometimes we create the whole piece – keeping the body but changing everything else – arms, backs, collars, etc.

Q:  Do you also leave some pieces to sell just as you found them? What do you look for in a perfect vintage item?

A:  We always add our ideas to every item. When we purchase the items from the shops, we’ve already decided what we want to do with the piece.  The only exceptions are the bags. We just carefully pick the best vintage items.

Q:  Who is your ideal client? Describe her as if she were a character.

A:  Hmm. Our ideal client is a creative, positive, trendy, classy person, with her own unique style.


Images courtesy of Reborn Process.