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At first glance, the email announcing the collaboration between Club Monaco and Sigerson Morrison seemed like manna from shoe heaven.  Practical yet pretty ballet flats in Italian leather and embossed snakeskin, perfect for wandering around on lazy summer days, and the ideal opportunity to get one’s hands (and feet) on a pair of Sigerson Morrison shoes at a slightly more affordable price point.



Of course, with this type of communication, there’s always the small print.  In this case it informed the reader that, of all of Club Monaco’s numerous stores spread around the globe (from the US to China and Saudi Arabia), the shoes would only be available in five locations (New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver).  Now, when it comes to partnerships involving high street and high fashion there’s a fine line between maintaining a certain level of exclusivity and selling enough of the product to make the effort worthwhile.  In this instance, you do have to wonder if the self-imposed limitations may be a little extreme.  Hopefully when the second collection hits stores this July, it will feature not just additional colors, but additional retail locations as well.