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We love seeing what celebrities’ kids are like all grown up. And while we’ve never heard too much about Mick Jagger’s daughter, Georgia May, she’s been the model for Hudson Jeans for a while now – and she’s back at it again.


Much like her father, Georgia May Jagger isn’t exactly what you’d call a "classic beauty," but she is totally beautiful, in a wonderfully unique kind of way. She really does look like the perfect cross between Mick Jagger and mom, Jerry Hall, with the perfect gap between her front teeth. And she’s only 18, but could pass for so much older.

Hudson Jeans’ lead denim designer, Ben Taverniti, recently told, "We are making a statement as a cool brand, a cool lifestyle, with cool pieces that you want to keep forever,” he said. “Georgia May Jagger being the face represents all of that – a British, superedgy, supercool girl."

Some of the Hudson ads are a little bit scandalous (especially for an 18 year old), but like they say, sex sells. And we think Georgia May can definitely sell some jeans. And we didn’t realize just how much Georgia fits into Hudson’s philosophy. Taverniti says, "With her mom [model Jerry Hall] being American and her dad Mick Jagger being British, she is the perfect fit for us since the Hudson brand DNA is about being born in California but rooted in London."

It sounds like Georgia May and Hudson are the perfect match!

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