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In February, as I was leaving the Rodarte exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt, I ran into fashion columnist Lynn Yaeger – almost literally, since she was coming in as I was leaving. It was like seeing a ghost of fashion past, and I literally felt every bone in my body liquefy. I was so dazed that I forgot to ask to take a picture of her, and wandered out the door thinking ‘I just died, and that was heaven’.  She’s a major style icon as well as a journalist, and her appearance was completely in character that day – a huge fur, hunter’s cap with ear flaps, and the classic kewpie doll make-up.

After breaking up with the Village Voice in 2007, she’s been writing for T Magazine, New York Magazine, and Travel + Leisure.  She’s constantly pushed the fashion envelope in her writing as well as her appearance. She writes about fashion in a funny, empathetic way that allows everyone with a love for clothing to feel acknowledged.

The funniest thing I ever read was Lynn Yaeger recounting her trip to Florida with a friend to shop at a Marni sale. She always seems to be upbeat and open to new things. She’s actually so well liked, that Gawker banned negative comments about her in 2007. In an interview with Bradley Shelhammer, she proclaims that the key to happiness is “be yourself.”

Recently I found out that she’s going to be joining the website Inside Source as a columnist.  She’ll be working with them as a guest writer, and she just announced the beginning of a four part series on collecting.  In addition to collecting Hermes bags and Rolex watches, she’s into procuring baby lockets, Becassine dolls, and vintage holiday sweaters.  Over the course of the series, she’ll be talking to with other collectors about what makes them tick, and how collecting has become a part of their lives. 

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