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All the May 2022 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

May is certainly an interesting month in the magazine world. Most publications are still laser focused on spring. (Which is interesting considering that it doesn’t feel like spring literally anywhere right now.) Some are already jumping ahead to summer. Surprisingly, the styling on the majority of the May 2022 magazine covers still seems more suited to fall and winter.

There’s a mix of high fashion and laid-back looks this month. With varying degrees of success. The over-the-top glamorous ensembles aren’t exactly season-appropriate, though. In fact, they probably should have been reserved for the all-important September issues.

They also run the gamut when it came to beauty. No-makeup makeup looks came out on top. You know, light foundation, a kiss of blush… On the extreme end of the spectrum, we’re treated to everything from pink locks to bold red lips.

We’re a little disappointed with the amount of diversity, however. Rihanna flaunts her baby bump in style for American Vogue. Mika Schneider delivers a stunning image for Vogue Japan. And Simone Biles shows off her killer moves on ELLE Spain.

Scroll down to see all the May 2022 magazine covers we absolutely adore and the ones we’ve already placed in the recycling bin.